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We help small & medium sized businesses in Houston take command and control of their IT with enterprise-level IT solutions that provide measurable results.

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Enterprise Level

IT Service for Small & Medium Businesses


A structurally sound infrastructure is one you want to attain and build on. Many organization's networks, servers and workstations have persistent or intermittent unresolved issues that affect performance and overall reliability


Your company's propriety information and intellectual property resides on your infrastructure or possibly in the cloud. These and other types of information need to be protected and properly safeguarded. Experience and industry trends reveal there should be security present at each layer of the infrastructure and beyond


Infrastructures are composed of hardware and software assets. Each contain configuration elements that need to be managed properly. It is not unusual to have thousands of configuration points for even the smallest companies depending on their technology presence. As organizations grow, so does the complexity which often results in performance degradation

Industries We Serve

Delta IT Technology offers the best prices and solutions on IT Services in the Houston area. In addition, we offer component level repairs and services on all makes and models of laptops, desktops, server and printers.

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You work hard to run a successful legal practice. We work hard to turn your technology into an asset.

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You depend on technology. Invest in IT you can truly depend on.

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Our IT services aren't tailored to your industry. They're tailored to your firm.

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Financial Services

In the financial world, planning ahead is everything. Invest in IT support that aligns with your firm's long-term success.

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Caring for patients in our digital world is complicated. We believe your technology should make things easier.

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You deserve an IT provider who truly understands the meaning of service.

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A modern manufacturer needs a modern IT infrastructure. We can build yours.

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Taking care of a community is hard work. You shouldn't have to deal with the added stress of unreliable technology.

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Non-Profit Organization

We ensure nonprofits are up and running when services are needed most.

Our customers love our service


Don't just take our word for it, read from our extensive list of case studies and customer testimonials.

We have seen reduced downtime and reduced ticket response time. The on-site staff is stable, reducing the need for continued knowledge transfer between technicians.

Gracie Tsai - IT Manager

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From the initial contact with the sales team to the white glove level of onboarding, the entire team at Delta IT Technology should receive a commendation.

Dain Schneck - COO

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There are lots of IT management companies, so client service is the distinguishing factor for me. Delta's knowledge and service has been outstanding.

Tom Scott - Partner

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Since we began working with Delta IT Technology Group in 2021, we have experienced a tremendous improvement in expertise and service.

Jordan Reed - Purchaser

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We understand the IT issues faced by growing businesses.

Delta IT Technology professional technicians are experienced in repairing both PC and Mac computers and upgrading, operating systems, hard drives, motherboards, power supplies, software and processors as well as many other computer peripherals.

Our computer professionals also specialize in other computer related services including: Server Installation, Networking Support, Data Backup & Recovery, Computer & Laptop Repair, Virus Remediation, Spyware and Malware Removal, Network Security, Wireless Network Setup, Remote Tech Support, as well as other complicated IT problems.

Are you jumping between technical urgencies and your real job?

Concentrate on growing your company while we manage your business-critical IT systems for you.

Do people really know what to spend on IT support and resources?

Our pricing is simple, transparent, and predictable, allowing you to accurately budget for growth.

Do you feel overwhelmed by cybersecurity in your organization?

Our plans not only provide the tools and resources to manage, but also frequently report.

Are you tired of waiting for a response from your IT support?

Resolve potential issues before they impact your business with 24/7/365 monitoring.

Building Businesses

IT issues are frustrating and disruptive for your business.

Most growing businesses struggle with inefficient IT strategy. We have created an all-in-one solution. When you remove IT friction, technology becomes an asset, your company operates smoother, and your business grows faster.

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